The Witch of Blackbird Pond

January 8, 2011

Dear Mrs. Bell,

I am reading The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare. I’m summarizing chapter 16. The genre is historical fiction. The first main character is Nat, a sailor from the ship Kit came to New England on. He also has a secret crush on Kit. Another main character is Kit Wood, Judith and Mercy Wood’s cousin who is trying to fit in when she comes to live with her only close family. Then there is Mercy and Judith Wood who are sisters. They both have a crush on John Holbrook but Mercy knows that Judith likes John Holbrook so she never tells anybody she likes him. There is also William Ashby, Kit’s boyfriend, who really likes Kit. Kit doesn’t like him but every one is expecting her to marry him. The last main character is John Holbrook who is engaged to Judith Wood but really likes Mercy Wood. The setting time is in the late 1600′s. The setting locations are the Wood’s house and the town square. The setting place is Westerfield, Connecticut. The first main event is  Nat and two other sailors put jack-o-lanterns in William Ashby’s window panes which gets everybody really upset. The second main event is Kit sneaks into the town square to see who the three sailors were who put jack-o-lanters in the window. She finds Nat and the two other sailors in the stocks and people are throwing food at them. The final main event is when the Wood family finds out that John Holbrook has left to be a doctor in the war with the natives. Judith and Mercy Wood are both devastated.

Figurative Language is language that describes something by comparing it with something else. In addition, figurative language is language that uses words or expressions with a meaning that is different from its literal meaning. The type of figurative language I found in my book was personification. Personification is when something that is non-human is given human like qualities. This quote from the text gives an example of personification: “Nothing could rouse her, and every breath was such a painful struggle that slow rasp of it filled the whole house. Fear seeped in at the corners of the room.” (p. 180) This figurative language helped me understand how scared every one was because of how sick Mercy Wood was. I knew it was personification because fear can not seep in at the corners of the room.



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